Cryptotech Blockchain Meet, A Public Event Hosted by CryptoTech Ventures and Consultancy Limited

TechInPacific – CryptoTech Ventures & Consultancy Limited is hosting a public event with the theme ‘Cryptotech Blockchain Meet’ on Saturday, 23rd February 2019 at Lamana Hotel in Port Moresby. They are running some courses for public in Papua New Guinea.

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are made possible by what’s known as blockchain technology. Blockchain is essentially a global public ledger capable of automatically recording and verifying a high volume of digital transactions, regardless of location. The course teaches the basics of what Bitcoin is as well as delves deep into the technology side of things, cryptography, time hashing, and many other interesting topic.


You will also learn a great deal about Blockchain, which is actually the tech that powers Bitcoin and call other crypto currencies and also learn how to perform simple crypto currencies trading using the exchanges.

– Gain broader knowledge and understanding on how Bitcoin, Crypto & Blockchain Market work.
– Learn how to setup your own Bitcoin or Altcoins wallet and start transacting.
– Learn how to trade crypto currencies using exchanges
– Bitcoin is an alternative investment, which offers exponential returns, however markets are volatile. It has a distinct advantage over other market, that being its 24/7 liquid marketplace.
– Learn to use Bitcoin as a Hedging tool for achieving Financial Freedom and Wealth Creation.
– Be part of a bigger Crypto and Blockchain community

Who should attend: 
– Anyone who wants to get involved with Bitcoin & Crypto currencies
– Anyone who wants to know Blockchain and how it could transform your organization
– Anyone who wants to learn how to trade crypto currencies
– Anyone who would wants Financial Freedom


[Session 1: 9am – 5pm]
1. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain Technology,
2. How Bitcoin actually works; the technology, the exchanges and the regulatory side of things,
3. Types of Blockchain and Platforms,
4. Ethereum and Smart Contracts,
5. Blockchain Use Cases for PNG,
6. Guide to setup Bitcoin & Altcoins wallets & Transaction Demo,
7. Wallet security & privacy,
8. Basic Crypto-Trading,
9. Bitcoin Economics,
10. ICOs vs. STOs,
11. And many other relevant topics.

[Session 2: 7pm – 9pm] : BeWELL Blockchain Project Presentation

Date: 23 February 2019 
Day: Saturday 
Time: 9am – 9pm 
Venue: Lamana Hotel, Port Moresby 
Speaker: John David (MBA & DBA UK, CEO & Founder of ASIA Blockchain Solutions and Cryptotech Ventures & Consultancy) 

Fees: (Take advantage of the early bird fee) 

Early Bird #1: K180 Only (Register & Pay by 15 Jan 2019)
Early Bird #2: K220 Only (Register & Pay by 31 Jan 2019)
Normal Fee: K280 Only (Register & Pay by 10 Feb 2019)

Fees are inclusive of:
– Tea Breaks (Morning, Afternoon and Evening)
– Lunch
– Training Materials (Pdf copy)
– Certificate of Participation


– Closing Date: 15 February 2019
– Registration is only confirmed once payment is done.
– Payment can be performed online. For beneficiary details kindly refer to our admin.
– This is a public event and open to anyone who is interested to learn about blockchain technology, smart contract and crypto-currencies.

– Bring along your own smart devices or laptop and ensure it is fully charged.


Cryptotech Ventures & Consultancy Limited
Contact us: 74882944 / 75284124


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