APEC Discussions Focus on Having Trusted Systems, says Wayne Golding

trust and integrity is a key factor in innovation via

TechInPacific – APEC has been forming several discussions on finding suitable digital solutions in Papua New Guinea (PNS) to address issues in health and education sectors. APEC’s key focus in the digital sector has always been about linking up big digital platforms with all the APEC economies in order to get SMEs into the marketplace.

As what was stated earlier by the Executive Director of APEC, Alan Bollard, APEC offers an innovation that is a solar-powered identification box using thumbprints to collect some identification information.

Meanwhile, a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), Wayne Golding uncovered APEC’s recent discussion. One of its focuses is on obtaining trusted systems.

Golding said that ‘trust and integrity is one of the key areas, including trust in the data, trust in the people who host our data’.

He also continued, ‘’that (trust and integrity) goes beyond your contract with your supplier. It now goes to one level or two levels behind that,”

“‘You need to ensure that the person you give your data to has the capacity to manage your data. Then it goes one step beyond that, where the people you have supplied have enough connectivity and trust and integrity in their systems.”

‘’It is now getting to the stage where trust and integrity is a key factor in innovation,’’ Golding concluded.

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