The Australian Government Pairs Coin-Sure with Generative Solutions to Support Digital Industry in PNG

TechInPacific – The Australian government is implementing a new approach to support SMEs by promoting the development of digital industry in PNG through its support on the PNG’s APEC theme “Harnessing inclusive opportunities, embracing the digital future.”

The partnership with other companies is also undertaken, with a PNG-based blockchain start-up Coin-Sure, for example. The blockchain start-up develops cryptocurrency transactions and crypto-wallets in the business. The concept has been developed by Rex Paura and Nou Vada, the Papua New Guineans entrepreneurs.

Coin sure via

To show support for the Papua New Guinean startup, the Australian government paired the company with Generative Solutions, a Melbourne-based business, and technology consultancy that partners with many start-ups using technology to give impactful results.

Generative Solutions via

The partnership between Coin-Sure and Generative Solutions enables them to establish a product prototype and undertook an intensive process of building the business, pioneering, testing and adapting to build a model to encourage the sustainable growth of Coin-Sure.

The support from Australia for the innovative enterprises helps PNG business to be connected with international markets and prepare them for the future of digital.

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