Biluminous: an Artisan-Centric Platform to Connect PNG Wavers to the Global Markets

Buliminous platform is a solution to connect traditional art and craft-makers in rural areas of PNG to the international markets to help them grow their business.

TechInPacific – A 20-year old Co-Founder of Biluminous platform, Crystal Kewe participated in APEC App Challenge with his father, Jonathan Kewe. She and his father were inspired to make a platform to connect traditional craft in the rural areas of PNG to international markets so that they can develop their business.

Crystal Kewe, the winner of the APEC App Challenge via

Crystal explained, the idea behind the creation of Biluminous platform came from several pain points that they found during the challenge, including the struggling stories of traditional bilum and craft makers to find markets. She said that she was intrigued to promote their struggling stories on the platform as buyers do not really concern about the price but more about the story of the weavers.

Coming from the idea, therefore, Biluminous was created. Moreover, it comes as financial inclusion, gender equality movement and empowerment, economic development, as well as cultural preservation as a whole.

Crystal Kewe said: “I want to use this opportunity to develop a concrete illustration of how we can utilize internet-based technology to empower bilum-based and home-based artisan because that’s what economy actually is.”

“So, we can empower them and really change the landscape of Papua New Guinea’s economy,” Crystal concluded.

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