The Blockchain Pasifik Junior Challenge Enables High School Students to Offer Solutions for Real-World Problems

TechInPacific – Usually, students are only allowed to focus on studying and work on school projects rather than participate in finding solutions for national and international problems. However, some high school students are currently offered an opportunity to actively deliberate solutions for the real-world problem through a program called Blockchain Pasifik Junior Challenge.

The Blockchain Pasifik Junior Challenge that will be held in Port Moresby is a collaborative event with local blockchain company, Coin-Sure that is also supported by Em Stret Holdings Ltd and Australian-PNG under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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The event enables high school students to be actively involved in deliberating solutions to real-world problems. Nowadays, there have been many schools in Papua New Guinea applying school projects to its students that require them to propose blockchain-based solutions to real-world problems faced by the region and the world.

There are at least four schools are selected to join the program, including Kila Kila Secondary School, Don Bosco Technical Secondary School, Kopkop College, and Port Moresby International School. Each of school will present a blockchain-based proposal. Kila Kila Secondary School will propose Land Titles Registry and Management System; Don Bosco Technical Secondary School is working on global carbon emission; Kopkop College is proposing National Identity Registration and Management System; and finally, Port Moresby International Schools will work on digital-currency or Cryptocurrency.

Coin-Sure, a Papua New Guinean start-up that is co-founded by Nou Vada. He is also the Project Manager of the Blockchain Pasifik Junior Challenge. He provides mentoring to 40 student participants that purposes to co-author ‘4 Proof of Concept papers’. These concept papers will later be presented in front of Parliament and are expected to be developed into working major projects in the respective sectors through the course in the next year.

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The project has prepared these high school students to present and deliberate their solutions in government level as well as place them at the forefront of policy development on real-world problems that give impact to everyone’s lives, including theirs.

These students are formed into teams and have been trained in how to build a tech start-up company, including management as well as planning skills. Through this project, there is also a possibility that some of them will receive internships and scholarships programs with Blockchain Pasifik, particularly a training in computer programming.

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