Digicel PNG’s Billo on Rescue to Your Shrinking Storage

credit: Billo

TechInPacific – Managing files now made easier with Digicel PNG’s latest launch, cloud storage and space cleaner coined Billo.

Safe storages are a lifesaver. Billo does this by adhering to the standard privacy laws and protection, which you can read in detail here.

Cluttered files are the last thing you want to have when organizing your phone space. Billo provides relief with its Face & Image Recognition feature where you can find a specific file by the person, object, or place metadata.

Billo users who use another service, such as Dropbox, can sync the files between the two apps.

Concerned about security? Surely most of us do. However, Billo’s Smart and Secure Login come in handy when you want to get that extra lock knocking on your phone. Whether it’s two-factor authentication, a face ID, a fingerprint, or a passcode, you pick the lane.

We have covered the three basics needed in a cloud storage service, which is the main feature, safety, and privacy.

Have more questions? Kindly refer to their FAQ or contact their customer service.

If you can’t drop the wait, get the app here already.

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