John Vivian: ‘It is Critical to Develop Appropriate Consumer Protection, Regulations, and Practices’

TechInPacific – The digital solutions for PNG current issues in health and education have been addressed by APEC through several discussions within the members of the organizations. The main focus is on finding suitable digital solutions for the nation. The members came up with some offerings, including a solar-powered identification box as well as linking up big platforms with all of the APEC’s economies to get SMEs into the marketplace.

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On the other hand, John Vivian, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of Papua New Guinea’s representative highlighted the need for trust in ‘digital roll-outs’. He said that it is very important to develop consumer protection, regulations, as well as practices in order to have trust from people across the nation. As the financial services have reached wider areas of the nation, it should be followed by an appropriate payment system.

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Vivian says that the payment systems in PNG have made some good progress. He stated, “We have supported new legislation which was passed and is now focusing on implementing regulations and strengthening BPNG’s capacity to oversee their payment systems.”

Moreover, the financial organization also supports BPNG’s plans to implement the ‘interoperable switch’ for cards as well as mobile payments. The payment systems enable customers to use both card and mobile payment products through ATM or EFTPOS machine.

Vivian said, ‘’It will open the system up to more than the current four banks and pave the way for more inclusion in the financial system and potentially innovative payment methods such as the use of QR Codes.

“All of this work is done with the understanding that the trust of the consumer is paramount,” Vivian concluded.

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