Mass Vaccination Campaign To Take Place In Samoa, Two Days Lockdown Ensues 

Photo by Vidi Drone on Unsplash

TechInPacific – The Government of Samoa has announced a two-day lockdown on 23-24 September 2021 from 8 AM to 6 PM for a mass vaccination campaign across the country.

All public roads will remain open to authorized vehicles, and teams from the vaccination program will track each household for their vaccination status by marking the unvaccinated household with a tie of red cloth or a red flag

The only allowed activities during the two days will be reserved for essential services, such as:

  • National and District Hospitals
  • Ministry of Police, Prisons and Correctional Services
  • Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority
  • Samoa Airport Authority
  • Samoa Water Authority
  • Electric Power Corporation

Meanwhile, government and private sector services are strongly advised to close their operations during the lockdown.


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