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Partnership between TISA and Oracle

Teachers Savings and Loan Society Ltd. (TISA) said that Oracle Banking Suite would be a part of its plan to change how banks work.

The partnership with the implementation partner, Profinch, should give the TISA’s roadmap and strategic goals the push and support they need.

Michael Koisen, the Group CEO of TISA, said, “It is essential to remember that TISA’s vision statement, “Not for Profit, Not for Charity, But for Service,” is still the foundation of the organization. We do well by taking care of our members, and that’s how we’ve kept going for the past 50 years.

He also said that when TISA becomes a full-fledged commercial bank, its “People helping People” philosophy will provide sustainable, value-based, and customer-centered financial services and ensure its 50-year-old DNA and culture are kept.

Chaitanya (Kris) Rastogi, who is the General Manager of Oracle Financial Services in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, said, “TISA has always been proud to offer financial services that focus on people, and they wanted to work with a company that could help them become a fully functional commercial bank.”

Oracle will give TISA a tried-and-true digital banking platform that will serve as a base for delivering new, easy-to-use services that focus on the customer and help TISA become the leader in commercial banking in the Pacific region.

More than 600 banks in 140 countries use Oracle Banking Suite.

She also said that putting it into place will lead to a robust back-office engine and easy-to-use digital channels that will make the TISA customer experience better.



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