PM Marape Invite Investors To Explore PNG Food Industry

Photo by Mark Stebnicki from Pexels

TechInPacific – The PNG Prime Minister James Marape talk the corporate community into re-shifting the food industry back to the country’s main focus.

In the meeting co-sponsored by Kina Bank and PNG Business Council, Marape said that PNG must be prepared to enter the food market with the potential food security challenges in the near future seen in other countries such as the Philippines, China, and Indonesia.

He said that food export to neighboring Asian countries is a potential that shouldn’t be out of the picture with their strong bilateral connections with PNG.

With the available renewable resources, Marape explains how much government has been involved in tracking the resources while sorting the ones that could go through the downstream process, and how it affects the country’s economic prospects for the next five years.

Marape ensures investors do not worry about possible changes in political and financial situation, and to keep investing in prospective food industries.

“Despite some seasonal economic fluctuations and seemingly weak economic fundamentals, PNG is blessed with a robust system of democracy where the three arms of government are separate,” Marape said.

“The Judiciary, for example, will function independently to safeguard all people in our country, including investors, to live within the law and agreement. This foundational tenet of our democracy makes Papua New Guinea a safe place for investment and business addresses.”

He also stated that the government would welcome collaborative ventures and partnerships with investors in food production and supply.


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