PNG Presents Projects as the Solution for Blockchain Challenges

TechInPacific – The various global government has undertaken initiatives as a solution to solve complex solutions of blockchain challenges based on real-life problems. Here are the initiatives were taken by each country;


In Singapore, the local government uses Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) as advocates for a digital economy for a smart nation. It promotes a blockchain challenge by having its participants to produce Blockchain-enabled solutions as financial solutions.

In Dubai, the Smart Dubai Office (SDO) is a facilitator for startups to produce Blockchain challenges in Blockchain application sector.


The Blockchain Pasifik in Papua New Guinea coming from a true spirit of inclusive has launched Blockchain Pasifik Challenge in full swing recently.

Four schools in the National Capital District to participate in the inaugural challenge. Those schools are Port Moresby International School (POMIS), Kila Kila Secondary School, Don Bosco Technical Institute, and Kopkop College.


Each school team is required to prepare a Proof of Concept Paper on blockchain projects either for PNJ or the Pacific. Later, the teams from each school should demonstrate their ideas on October 10, 2018, at the grand event where PNG Leaders blockchain session will take place. They will be judged by many blockchain experts.

Only the top concepts will have chances of winning cash prizes and funding from the government or investors. For further development, excellent individual talents from the schools will have an opportunity to be in a talent pool. For that purpose, they will be junior internships under blockchain projects in PNG or even abroad.

All schools will take part in weekly mentoring workshops where it will take place in October at the main event. The event is fully funded by the Australian Government while Em Stret and Blockchain Pasifik are the facilitators.

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