PPIF Launches the Pacific-ASEAN Financial Innovation Challenge

TechInPacific – United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Financial Innovation Lab in collaboration with the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme has launched the Pacific-ASEAN Financial Innovation Challenge.

The Pacific-ASEAN Financial Innovation Challenge is a platform provided for innovators in the Pacific regions and in two Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia and Singapore. These innovators are encouraged to generate practical solutions of their ideas for UNCDF, PFIP, as well as partners.


Additionally, the challenge also connects innovators from both regions by creating a network of digital innovators in these Southeast Asian and the Pacific countries.

The winners of the challenge will have access to market opportunities, including:

Furthermore, UNCDF and PFIP also facilitate these innovators with a six-month accelerator program in order to bridge the market knowledge gaps, enabling participants to widen the global knowledge network of UNCDF and partners.

Who Eligible to Apply?

The Pacific-ASEAN Financial Innovation Challenge is eligible for those who are:

  • Financial and technology solution providers
  • Registered as a resident in the Pacific regions, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore
  • Already have existing or ready-to-deploy solutions

If you are interested in taking part on the challenge and meet all the criteria, please click here to find out more about the details information and the registration procedure.

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