Siamufest 2021 Held Today For Future Women-led SMBs

credit: SWAG (@SamoaWomensAssociationGrowers/Fb)

TechInPacific – US Embassy-funded Siamufest 2021, supported by Samoa Women’s Association of Growers (SWAG) is taking place today in the village of Poutasi to engage Samoan women in jam-making products.

Around 20 women from the Falealili district are participating in the event, which will guide them on managing fruit produce into a preserved state to sell to the market.

This is aligned with Siamufest 2021 objective to raise the presence of small businesses generating high income with homemade, which hopes to increase employment rates.

SWAG President, Shelley Burich, explains, “During the recent Covid-19 lockdowns, we saw how our contracting economy affected village-based women and growers in our community.”

“Taking the bounty of everyday produce and transforming it into a preserved product that is delicious and nutritious is one way to help women increase their weekly income and begin testing the waters as individual business owners.”


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