The Dangers of Digital Expansion

Digital expansion is crucial because it allows the public and private sectors to connect people more quickly, efficiently, and meaningfully. However, digital development is not without its risks.

This was brought up when the Office of Censorship and PNG DataCo Limited signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) last week.

Paul Komboi, the managing director of PNG DataCo, said, “As we grow. We know that there are risks to what we are doing. The censorship office has talked about risks as part of what they do.

Information that is illegal or inappropriate that is going through our network. That’s also a problem for cyber security, and we’re well aware of this and the issues it brings.

Komboi also said that talking to the Office of Censorship was a step in the right direction and that the work started in 2020.

So, right from the start, we decided to talk about censorship and then work together to see how we could meet our ethical and moral standards regarding how we act and conduct ourselves. Komboi said, “This is what we want our children, our family, and our people to be able to see and do as they grow up.

Chief Censor Jim Abani said it is essential to reduce the risks of digital expansion through censorship by filtering out illegal content. This can only be done by working together.

We need to work together on things so that we can build this country together as equal partners. “It’s all about building relationships and ensuring the censorship office has the technical help or process skills it needs to deal with cyber issues,” said Abani.

The Office of Censorship and PNG DtaCo Ltd will work together to meet the country’s moral and ethical standards. As they work toward digitizing the country, both groups will try to stop illegal and offensive content from getting into the network while ensuring that the restrictions don’t keep other people from getting information.



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