TraSeable Farms Addresses Food Security With Digital Agriculture App

TechInPacific – Quarantine-imposed cities like the greater Lautoka city breed challenges in the food security area. Backyard gardening has also gained momentum for immediate food resources, but the lack of a platform that could be a hub in solving food security would only hinder the well-being of the citizens.

TraSeable Farms tackles this by designing an agriculture mobile app and web platform that connects everyone in the agribusiness and the citizens- from farmers, agribusinesses, middlemen, farmer organizations to government agencies.

Lautoka City

It provides a digital marketplace for farmers and citizens where digital transactions of crops and seeds occur. Farmers who grow crops, raise livestock, collect dairy, and tilapia farmers involved in aquaculture are currently the catered target for the app. The app collects data on farmer’s profile, location, the available items for sale, and their prices. Organizations planning for logistics like FRIEND and MoA can access this information on the web platform. 

It also collects requests from families in need of food, and they don’t have to leave their houses. Push notifications are available for residents to keep updated on food availability.


More details on what the app provides: 

For farmers

Digital marketplace and digital recordkeeping tools for crops, livestock, dairy farming, and aquaculture, central digital management of farmer’s information (transaction history, cooperative memberships, important documents), access to agriculture information (daily weather updates, commodities market price around Fiji) 

For agriculture stakeholders

Curated agriculture news/events in the local and international scale, assistance, contact directory for suppliers, equipment providers, exporters/importers, and technical content (farm manual, training information)


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