The 2018 SME Digital Innovation Awards Dates Announced

ExxonMobil PNG Limited announced the inaugural of SME Digital Innovation Awards. It announced a collaboration with the IBBM Enterprise Center. The awards will take note of the accomplishment of Papua New Guinea business committing to digital innovation. On the other side, ExxonMobil PNG Limited is the operator of PNG LNG Project. The PNG APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Summit will host the 2018 SME Digital Innovation Awards. It will mainly focus on SMEs that use digital technology innovation in their processes. Moreover, it will focus on those that offer services by the use of technology.

Issuing of awards will take place in three different categories. The categories are micro, small and medium businesses. Andrew Barry, MD at ExxonMobil PNG said that the firm would recognize and support SMEs to go on with evolving in the digital world. These are primarily those that use technology platforms. He added that it was important as a company to continue contributing to coming up with capacity. It was also important to continue assisting smaller organizations to be competitive. They should also ensure that there is equal participation in economic activities.  Barry added that the awards would be used as a platform to back MSMEs to improve their creativity. They will also get encouragement to diversify their operations. This is especially in areas that use technology to bring growth and sustainability across PNG.

ExxonMobil PNG is the sponsors of this year’s awards. Moreover, the awards management is courtesy of IBBM Enterprise Centre. The partnership between IBBM and ExxonMobil PNG has led to the support of above 19,000 local businesses and entrepreneurs since 2010. Furthermore, almost 500 business assessments and 32,000 training days have been carried out at the Enterprise Centre. ExxonMobil PNG has channeled around 2.3 billion Kina of investment on Pupa New Guinea services.  It has also spent 581.6 million Kina on landowner firms since the beginning of production. Submission of awards is open to micro, small and medium businesses. This is especially those businesses that work across PNG. Any shortlisted business will get complimentary business assessment courtesy of IBBM. The winners will be read out at the ABAC MSME Summit. The summit will take place at Port Moresby from 10th to 11th September 2018. The 2018 SME Digital Innovation Award finalists will get a direct nomination to the 2019 IBBM Biennial SME Awards. This will be under the category of digital innovation.

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