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DICT team conducts workshop on cloud Technology in brisbane.

The Government Cloud and Cloud DevOps teams from the Digital Government Division of PNG’s Department of Information and Communication Technology traveled to Brisbane, Australia for an AWS Professional Services office technical session

The Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda has been carried out by DICT and AWS for more than eight months. The one-week training covers various aspects of operationalizing the Government Cloud Platform and involves setting up a cloud center of excellence (CCOE) for the Government using best practices to drive a cloud-enabled transformation and guarantee the Government’s success with cloud adoption.

During the workshop, the technical team will analyze the e-Government portal build that the Department is promoting, as well as the setup of the Cloud platforms for other pilot projects that the Department is supporting, such as the e-Cabinet project, e-Police Clearance, and e-Procurement.

The team is led by project partners from the Prime Minister and National Executive Council as well as Government Cloud and Shared Services Manager Glen Vitou and DevOps Manager Joshua Pomaloh (PMNEC). On separate projects that DiCT is supporting, the National Procurement Commission (NPC) and the ICT team from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) are also participants in this exercise

The Cloud technology has been essential in accelerating digital transformation on a global scale, but preserving sovereign interests requires an understanding of the risks and adherence to a security framework and international norms.

By collaborating closely with international industry professionals who have extensive expertise driving this for other digitally evolved economies, PNG sees this accomplishment as a chance to utilize those experiences and boost its government’s agenda for digital transformation.


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