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According to the Vanuatu Prime Minister, most government servers have been restored following a cyber attack.

According to Vanuatu Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau, 70 per cent of government computer servers are operational following a cyber attack.

Government financial services, Customs and Inland Revenue, Immigration and Passports, the Police, and other emergency services are now back up and running.

On November 6, there was suspicion of a cyber attack on the broadband network, although this did not materialise until all government web services were inaccessible.

The Daily Post says that Kalsakau said work is still being done to strengthen the networks.

He stated that the government networks would be rebuilt better and safer.

Two possible places where security could be broken have been found. These are government websites managed by third parties that are not secure and workstations on the broadband network that have known security flaws but still need to be fixed.

Kalsakau said they have yet to find out who made the cyber attack.



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