ANU Invited Workers On Covid-19 Impact Webinar For Pacific Islanders

TechInPacific – Workers of the Pacific Islands affected by the COVID-19 urgency were invited to attend the latest webinars organized by Australian National University on Wednesday (21/10).

The webinar discussed the impact of the crisis on employment outcomes for Pacific migrant workers and remittances to Pacific island countries based on findings from the World Bank’s recent phone survey on Pacific seasonal workers and their employers as well as phone interviews to the Pacific diaspora group living in Australia and New Zealand.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

The attending speakers were:

Dr. Dung Doan, an Economist at the World Bank, and focused on jobs and labor market issues in the Pacific region.

Dr. Kenia Parsons, a Social Protection and Jobs Specialist at the World Bank.

Dr. Kirstie Petrou, a research associate with the Climate and Sustainability Research Group at Flinders University, and a consultant with the World Bank’s Social Protection and Jobs team.

Dr. Matthew Dornan, a Senior Economist at the World Bank.

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