Applications for Higher Studies Made Easier in PNG

Online studies in PNG

The grade 12 online application system that has been newly introduced in Papua New Guinea has been taken well by a larger number of secondary schools in that country. The Ministry and Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology officials released a report which states that 156 secondary schools out of 174 have incorporated the online application system into their schools. The number includes national high schools while other schools are expected to join the rest soon.

The newly introduced application is the best way for applying for further studies at any registered higher education institution or university found in PNG. Moreover, the system is an alternative to the school leaver application forms (SLF) that is usually done through paperwork. This gives the registered students of grade 12 a chance to partake grade 12 national exams to forward their application through online.

The department will be ready to assist schools that will have a problem with the process. Moreover, they can as well use school leaver forms up to that time when they will be fully registered. According to Secretary, Fr Jan Czuba, the department does not expect schools to get registered by the end of 2018. He added that schools from rural communities would get their assistance. The department excluded issues to do with network coverage, especially in rural areas. The system stands a high chance of taking off given the 90% coverage by Digicel and 90,000 Facebook users in the country. Pila Niningi minister of Education, Research, Science, and Technology said that the department and the ministry are out to ensure that all schools or students use the reliable system and help in minimizing nepotism and corruption in the selection of students.

Niningi added that the country is focused on competing with the rest of the world by raising their standards. Niningi has also kept in touch with Sam Basil minister of Information and Communication for an increase of registration of SIM cards. This will ensure that there is no interference with the grade 12 online application. He added that students in the country would have their certificates of higher school uploaded online for the first time. This will be taking place before they forward their application for a given institution. The development gives students a chance of making informed choices.

Registration will kick-off from 1st August 2018 (today), and it will last for three months. After registration students will get around one week to confirm their online uploaded results. This will allow them to make possible changes to earlier choices. The system comes with many benefits such as grade 12 school leavers will be able to select up to 5 programs of their preference. Additionally, every program will come with clear and direct requirements, residential and preference options. An application which will last for three months will give parents, schools, and students enough time to choose the right institution and program of their choice. The examination combinations of the selected program will be linked with the applications. Furthermore, students will have more admission chances through matching of the subject combination.

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