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Australia and Digicel Fiji collaborate to increase agricultural output

Photo by Asso Myron on Unsplash

In an effort to increase farmer access to customized advice services and increase agricultural output, Australia is forming a cooperation with Digicel Fiji.

Agriculture is crucial to the people and economy of Fiji, according to Digicel Fiji CEO Farid Mohammed, so the company is eager to assist in enhancing farmer’s access to pertinent and timely information through information and communication technology.

The results of the market study, according to him, will guide their future cooperation with Australia’s Market Development Facility.

This ground-breaking effort aims to give farmers access to the most recent data and advisory services to help them increase productivity.

In order to ascertain the information needs of farmers throughout many parts of the nation, the initiative will first conduct market research.

The Ministry of Agriculture reports that 63% of the 52,000 farmers in Fiji who took part in the ministry’s 2020 Census owned a mobile phone.

This demonstrates the enormous potential for using mobile technology to reach a sizable community of farmers with crucial information.

According to John Williams, charge d’affaires at the Australian High Commission, Australia is funding research and development to aid Fiji’s expanding digital economy.

According to him, access to timely and pertinent best practices, enhanced husbandry techniques, and meteorological information all help agricultural households increase their output and revenue.

The collaborative market analysis is anticipated to start in March.



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