BSP Launches Self Service App

source: BSP

TechInPacific – BSP has made a new initiative in the country, introducing its self-service app for ease of loan purpose.

The app is created with the customers’ needs in mind as requests on betterment for lending services have come up a few times.

For customers, the app will provide an application to submit personal loans from their home, and customers can access the service outside the work hours of the bank just from their mobile phones.

According to the Head of Digital Design, Development, and Operations Belinda Manning, it is very important to respond to customers who have been asking for improvement in BSP lending services.

“Equally as important is, to have the loan processed within hours… The same day, “same speed” as we say here in Papua New Guinea,” Manning said.

The submitted loan can top up to k50,000 and is linked with free credit insurance. The insurance will give customers who passed away with incomplete payment to receive the K5000 funeral fee to support the family.

With the COVID situation, the presence of the app is convenient for customers who can access the service from the comfort of their homes.

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