Central Region Advances Digital Literacy Through New Computer Training Initiative

Australia collaborates with the Central Provincial Division of Education (PDoE) to enhance its data management and reporting systems.

A group of 21 officials recently completed a weeklong computer skills training provided by LiteHaus International, centered on Microsoft Office applications, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Central PDoE received 10 laptops for staff use as part of the initiative.

Philip Alu, the Central Provincial Education Adviser, highlighted that the staff requested the training to enhance their reporting capabilities and acquire additional computing skills. He emphasized the benefits for provincial and district officers and school inspectors in completing administrative tasks and creating presentations that meet the National Department of Education’s (NDoE) standards.

This training initiative is part of Australia’s Partnership for Improving Education program, aiming to achieve quality education for all. Similar training sessions are scheduled for education officials in Enga, West Sepik, and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in the coming months.



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