The CS2Project Estimates to Complete by the End of 2019

TechInPacific – Mathew Shields, Vocus Communications’ Director/Technical Lead for the CS2 project visited ASN’s manufacturing plant in Calais, France, in March this year. The visit was to review final testing of the Coral Sea Cable System and Solomon Islands Domestic Network before transporting them via the Ile de Brehat ship.

The two Cable Systems will provide faster, affordable, and reliable internet connectivity to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands for significant economic and development purposes. The project is funded by Australia in cooperation with the Governments of PNG and Solomon Islands as part of the country’s commitment to supporting development in the Pacific region.

The Coral Sea Cable System (4,700km) links Sydney, Australia, to Port Moresby, PNG and Honiara, Solomon Islands. Also included in the project is a 730km submarine cable system that will connect Honiara to Auki in Malaita Island, Noro in New Georgia Island, and Taro Island.

The final testing of the submarine cable systems has been completed in March then it’s loaded through underground tunnel before being placed carefully onto the Ile de Brehat. The cable loading completed in the mid of April and the ship will sail to the Coral Sea for the cable lay.

The Coral Sea Cable System (CS2) project was signed on July 11, 2018 by the governments of the three countries. The cable manufacture is still progress and estimated to complete by the end of the year. Once it’s 100% complete, they will each be mainly owned by PNG and Solomon Islands and receive all the revenue generated.

Visit for the details about the Coral Sea Cable System.


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