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Cyber Sawe PNG Training

The third Cyber Sawe PNG Training for young people at the Pacific Adventist University Campus in Port Moresby was a success and was put on by the CPL Foundation.

This project shows that the CPL Foundation is committed to helping women and girls in Papua New Guinea get a better education and more power. The Cyber Sawe PNG program aims to teach more people, especially young girls who use mobile phones and computers, about computer technology and how to stay safe online.

On May 14, more than 30 young people between the ages of 7 and 16 took part in a one-day workshop. They learned about Cybergames, Physical Security, Digital Traces, Cyber Safety, and Coding, among other things, in different educational classes. 

Bernadette Caleb, a cyber-practitioner at the Bank of Papua New Guinea, spoke at the training. She stressed the importance of cybersecurity and gave helpful tips on how to stay safe online. The engaging and hands-on experience was enjoyable for everyone there.

Deborah Kakis, who teaches at the School of Science and Technology and is a mentor with the Cyber Sawe Program as a volunteer, thanked the CPL Foundation for taking the initiative to teach the children on campus such important skills.

The CPL Group brands City Pharmacy and Stop & Shop helped with the third round of Cyber Sawe training, which helped ensure the program succeeded.

The Cyber Sawe Trainings were first held in 2022 in Port Moresby. They are an important part of the CPL Foundation’s mission to give women and girls more power by giving them access to education and literacy programs, better healthcare services, and economic possibilities.



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