DataCo Partners with SES Networks to Delivering 6Gbps of High-bandwidth to Support APEC Conference 2018

TechInPacific – The 26th of APEC Conference is held from October to December 2018. In order to ensure all the delegates and venues have access to the high capacity of internet connectivity, the Papua New Guinea internet provider, DataCo partners with SES Networks to provide 6Gbps data service. The project is run with assistance from the Australian Government.

The partnership between DataCo and SES Networks aims to apply its O3b Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellite fleet into Papua New Guinea as well as apply existing DataCo infrastructure. As the additional internet data, SES Networks even has created a new core network for DataCo with state-of-the-art security technology to prevent network intrusions. The additional network link Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea with two cities in Australia that includes caching systems to get instant access of certain content during the conference. Additionally, two places in suburban areas in Port Moresby, such as Gerehu and Boroko have been applied with high-speed internet data of O3b.

DataCo Partners with SES Networks via

Regarding of the partnership and the assistance from the Australian Government on providing high-speed internet connectivity for APEC 2018, the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator the Hon Marise Payne commented: “This investment is an important component of Australia’s broader internet connectivity support to PNG that includes the Coral Sea Cable System, which will connect Port Moresby and Sydney by a new fiber optic cable scheduled for delivery by late 2019.”

Addressing his opinion about the partnership with SES Networks, the Managing Director of DataCo stated: “Having worked with SES Networks prior to the APEC summit, we are confident that the proven quality of service and experience will ensure a successful APEC 2018 event. After APEC, we hope to continue to partner with SES Networks to improve internet services across the archipelago and bring PNG closer to the world.”

Meanwhile, the Vice President, Fixed Data Sales Asia-Pacific of SES Networks also commented on the partnership project with DataCo. He said, “We are very pleased that SES Networks was chosen to provide this service for such an important event such as the APEC summit. This represents a tremendous vote of confidence in our company by regional governments and underscores our ability to provide quickly dependable, high-quality and consistent services, on demand, through our extensive and flexible network infrastructure and on-the-ground expertise.”

For further information, please drop an email to [email protected] or contact: Tel. +352 710 725 500 (Markus Payer, Corporate Communications &PR).

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