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Development of New Maritime Center in RMI Continues

Travel bans and economic inflation have worn down the development of the country’s maritime dream center, but now it can finally get going again

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TechInPacific – A new maritime security training and operations center will soon be home to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) maritime patrols. The construction ceremony kicked off on April 6 (Thu).

The project is a collaboration between the RMI and the Japanese government under its FY2019 Grant Aid Economic and Social Development Program.

Various officials attended the event, including President David Kabua, Ministers Christoper Loeak, Jack Ading, Jiba Kabua and others, and Police Chief George Lanwi. From Japan, Ambassador Kazunari Tanaka, Toru Takagi, the representative of JICS (the project’s procurement agency), Akihiko Sato, the director of the prime contractor NBK Cooperation of Japan, and Hikoyuki Ukai, representative of JICA, were present at the event, as was PII CEO Jerry Kramer, who also attended.

Tanaka says the project had to be delayed due to COVID outbreak, citing travel restrictions and global inflation as reasons.

The project, Tanaka said, is in line with Japan’s vision of a ‘free and open Indo-Pacific’ by ensuring peace and stability of maritime security and achieving ‘sustainable oceans based on the rule of law,” a priority area discussed at the 9th World Ocean Summit.

Justice Minister Ading thanked the Japanese government for its efforts and support in making the building a reality.

The new center will be equipped with facilities that will increase the response speed of the Maritime Patrol in both emergency and general duties.


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