Digicel Pacific improves coverage across Papua New Guinea with SES O3b capability

After the damage to the international Pipe Pacific Cable(PPC), Digicel Pacific has announced that it will expand its coverage in Papua New Guinea by utilising SES’s O3b medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite system to offer its clients connectivity 

This cable often links Papua New Guinea to Australia and the rest of the world.

Digicel also says that the help from SES comes at a very important time for the South Pacific  island. In September, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake damaged multiple cable systems, making it hard for most countries to get data services.

During the disruption, SES helped Digicel Pacific with emergency bandwidth, boosting high-performance, low-latency O3b services by 40 per cent across 12 sites in the country to keep people connected.

SES also gave Digicel Pacific an extra 3 Gbps capacity and more ground equipment to reconnect its network and restore essential communications services for consumers and telecom customers.



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