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Digital Trade Standardization Initiative Finds Completion For Pacific

TechInPacific – The Indo-Pacific Digital Trade Standardization Initiative has been completed, according to International Engagement Manager at Standards Australia, Torrin Marquardt.

As an enabler of a healthy economy, digital trade has been an example of a digital model that transcend borders when it comes to trade transaction and deliverance.

Marquardt lauded the initiative, saying, “The Indo-Pacific Digital Trade Standardisation Initiative comes to completion and what a rewarding experience it has been. Thank you to all ten partner countries for your collaboration and enthusiasm throughout the initiative, and to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for your support and recognition of the value of standards as economies digitalize. This significant work over the past two years better positions the region to proactively adopt and use digital standards for the benefit of government, business, and consumers alike.”

The sectors addressed for the digital trade is financial resources, services, agriculture & food, manufacturing, health, ICT & Infrastructure, Consumer & Retail, and Education & training.

The use and adoption of international standards is prerequisite support for digital trade. The presence of standardization is aligned with Standards Australia objectives that encompass the following points; bringing more awareness to Indo-Pacific countries about digital trade and the supporting international standards, better engagement in international and regional standards forum, and improved standard development process and standards dissemination.

The initiative is the work of Standards Australia with National Standards Bodies (NSBs) and other stakeholders to ‘identify and deliver institutional strengthening and capacity building activities, as well as assisting the region’s capacity to adopt and implement relevant international standards as a foundation on which to build a digital economy.’

source: LinkedIn (Torrin Marquardt)

Participating Pacific countries include Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, and Vanuatu. Involved NSBs are expected to support their economy’s integration into the global trading system by being more proactive in their respective roles.

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