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Drone Deliveries Revolutionize the Healthcare

TechInPacific – Health-tech startups have tapped into a profitable global market by providing different aerial deliveries. One of the health-tech startups is San Francisco-based Zipline. In 2016, the company took off drones delivery project in Rwanda. Through the drones, 150 clinical blood which mostly are blood and vaccines delivered to isolated locations. Other organizations also have developed drone technologies to deliver medicines in Bhutan, Malawi, and Papua New Guinea.

Healthcare deliveries by drones brings many good impacts, especially when it comes to delivering healthcare products to isolated areas that will take days by a car, boat, or foot. Drones can fly out in the sky and more time efficient.

Many drone organizations exclaim to produce earning from their services. As of Zipline, it presented $190 million in fresh financing which values it at $1.2 billion. Drones provide a glimpse of profitable alternatives for the health-tech startups.

Besides its effectiveness, drones also provide eco-friendliness and other benefits. These benefits has been provided by two drones companies, Swiss Put up and Matternet which have collaborated to provide its drone service to three cities in Switzerland. Swiss Put up’s drones fly for about forty five minutes and had been diminished to flights of some minutes. Meanwhile, Matternet’s drones transferring its service to North Carolina whose local transport authority has championed drone supply. In additions, an astronomical supply company, UPS, utilizes Matternet’s drones to transfer clinical samples.


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