DWU, a PNG university explores Artificial intelligence for learning

The Department of Mathematics & Computing Science at Divine Word University is actively integrating innovative Artificial Intelligence technologies, ensuring that the learning process doesn’t undermine human intelligence.

Cyril Sarsoruo, the Head of the Department, mentioned that they are discontinuing certain courses that are no longer pertinent in today’s evolving tech landscape. With the pace of technological growth, some applications naturally become obsolete.

Students in the MCS program can experiment with AI software for advanced academic projects. Yet, Sarsoruo acknowledges that a comprehensive regulatory framework for AI technology hasn’t been established.

DWU emphasizes the importance of students exercising responsibility when utilizing AI in evaluations. To ensure assessments are genuinely student-produced, the school has implemented measures to detect the use of online AI tools in submissions.

Mr. Sarsoruo highlighted that the primary purpose of providing AI tools is to enhance the learning experience. While he promotes their use in his classes, he also cautions students about potential repercussions.

Moreover, the assessments are designed to gauge whether students truly understand the newly introduced learning methods, programs, or concepts. The mathematician and program instructor also works diligently to ensure students can leverage AI resources without compromising their intellectual integrity.

Sarsoruo acknowledges the challenges but remains committed to focusing on genuine student learning. He believes that students must adapt to new learning methodologies as the educational landscape shifts daily.



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