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Exciting advancements in the Papua New Guinea fisheries industry

The National Fisheries Authority (NFA) of Papua New Guinea (PNG) has made noteworthy progress in the country’s fisheries sector. 

NFA is determined to boost export values for a range of seafood categories, such as crab, prawn, lobster, reef fish, and seaweed. There is a strong emphasis on improving the tuna fishery to meet these ambitious targets.

To enhance the tuna industry, we aim to boost tuna landings, broaden downstream processing, set up new processing facilities, and invest in large-scale cold storage to facilitate exports.


NFA Managing Director Justin Ilakini conveyed his enthusiasm, stating, “These initiatives will not only propel economic growth but also guarantee food security and bolster the livelihoods of our communities. We are thrilled to have our dedicated staff on board, committed to realizing these goals through their unwavering diligence and hard work.”

In a bold move towards policy transformation, NFA is committed to enhancing industry competitiveness, fostering diversification, and amplifying value addition.

Despite facing challenges, NFA has successfully implemented cost management measures and expenditure controls for the fiscal year 2024. This emphasizes the organization’s commitment to financial responsibility and prudent decision-making at all levels.

In observance of Easter, NFA sends heartfelt greetings to all its employees and associates. “May this time of contemplation and rejuvenation bring you happiness, tranquility, and divine favor as we honor the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ,” expressed Ilakini.



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