FAO Publishes a Book about Seafood Value Chains in Italy

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Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nation publishes a book Blockchain Application in Seafood Value Chains. The book narrates how blockchain technology works in the fisheries industry, written by Francisco Blaha and Kenneth Katafano. Both of the writers have specialties in the industry; Blaha is a consultant fisheries expert while Katafano is a consultant ICT expert and a Fijian entrepreneur who founded TraSeable Solutions.

The book serves readers about blockchain technology, including definition, what it covers and its use in seafood value chains, specifically. Furthermore, it explores the seafood supply chain in terms of general control elements such as critical tracking events and corresponding key data elements, and its compatibility for blockchain application.

FAO via

FAO as the publisher provides further investigation through review and analysis that was served on its seven initiatives. From the initiatives, it resulted in a key analysis that explains if the technology is suitable for seafood traceability. As a conclusion, it also provides a set of potential trade and public policy implications and recommendations.

Overall, the book consists of main contents, including Introduction, Fish and fishery products value chains, blockchain technology, the Regulatory and private initiatives environment, Operational opportunities with the use of blockchain, Potential trade and public policy implications, Recommendations, and References.

For further information about the book, visit You are able to get the main idea about the book through the summary and abstract.

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