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Fiji Investigates Marine Energy Alternatives

The Global Ocean Energy Alliance, in a step towards a greener, sustainable future, embarked on a mission in Fiji to pilot an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) project. This endeavor was supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and carried out by technical specialists from Global OTEC. Known for their pioneering role in commercializing OTEC, the company was invited to engage with local and regional stakeholders in Suva, Fiji.

Dan Grech, the founder of Global OTEC, and Andreas Koall, the Commercial Director, have recently met with national officials to showcase the benefits of OTEC technology. During these meetings, they also discussed the potential for this technology in the country and sought information crucial for choosing a location for a potential pilot project.

Grech highlighted the significant promise that the blue economy offers for Small Island Developing States like Fiji. He emphasized that even a small portion of Fiji’s ocean area could be used to generate electricity and provide additional advantages, including aquaculture and desalination, using reliable, tested technology.

Taitusi Vakadravuyaca, the Permanent Secretary for Public Works, expressed enthusiasm about beginning this new venture of exploration and discovery.

Vakadravuyaca believes that tapping into the ocean’s potential can steer Fiji toward a path of diversification, sustainability, and environmental awareness.

Fiji’s blue economy contributors collaborated intensively with Global OTEC, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the technical, societal, economic, and environmental aspects needed for more in-depth future analyses.

These findings will aid Fiji’s decision-makers in determining how best to incorporate OTEC into the nation’s energy portfolio.


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