Fiji PM Urge Investment towards Coral Reefs Rescue

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

TechInPacific – The Fiji Government has cued investors to participate in conserving the coral reef ecosystem of the country.

The Fiji Prime Minister, Vorege Bainimarama spoke during the UN Climate Change Conference about building coral reefs resilience, which needs to be done soon.

“We’ve seen that good reef management works. Well-managed reefs are more resilient reefs. If we manage them properly and responsibly and do what needs to be done to curb carbon emissions, these ecosystems can thrive.”

The Coral Reef Rescue Initiative Lead from WWF, Carol Phua echoes a similar sentiment, saying that the investment will help secure the food, livelihoods, and wellbeing of millions of people who depend on these reefs for survival.

“We need to join up the climate and ocean finance agendas and drive significant private and public investments in nature-based solutions that can bring benefits to both people and nature.”

However, starting the reefs rescue in Fiji might have saved more time for the rescuers, as 70 percent of the coral reefs are climate-resilient due to the union of water with lower temperature brought by the currents, with the ocean surface, that in turn decrease the heat and making the ecosystem a comfortable living arrangement for the coral reefs.

“Fiji has fought at these negotiations to engrain the ocean pathway into the processes of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Now, we must decide where that pathway leads, says Bainimarama.

“For the sake of our reefs, ocean, and the general habitability of the planet, we must cut carbon emissions. As that happens, we have to do the work of rebuilding the resilience of our reefs.”


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