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Funding for Kimbe Hospital has not yet been decided.

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel of West New Britain asked about the state of the NEC-approved Kimbe Provincial Hospital after the project’s ground-breaking in September 2021.

Treasurer Ian Ling Stuckey replied that it’s not an easy problem to solve but that the government is progressing and that he “hopefully” will have some good news for Governor Muthuvel soon.

The Kimbe Hospital will cost approximately K300 million. Because it is a major project, much evaluation is required. To get to the point on the Kimber Hospital, Treasury is now completing an NEC submission to the cabinet for approval of this specific project. The Treasurer says that five other big projects are similar and add up to K1.2 billion.

The Treasurer said, “We have to make sure that any funding falls within our plan for this year and our five-year plan as well.”



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