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The Future Launch Of Digital Literacy Program In Pacific

TechInPacific – On 29 July, leaders across Pacific connect via Zoom to discuss the future of digital literacy programs in the region.

“It was a delight to host our inaugural Pacific Islands Advisory Group this week and discuss how we can best launch a local and authentic digital literacy program in the region,” said Mia Garlick, APAC Regional Co-ordinator, last week on her LinkedIn update.

As the acting Director of Policy on Facebook, Garlick also said that the Pacific communities were spending more time online and there had been an increase in the use of social media platforms following the rise of COVID-19 incidence and that the program will empower local communities to enjoy the benefits of being online, safe, and securely.

The meeting includes members of Digital Citizenship and Safety Advisory Group in Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Australia, and New Zealand while launching the discussed program is slated for 2020.

source: Unsplash (John Schnobrich)

Facebook’s digital literacy platform We Think Digital is also on the board’s list for the educational campaign activities that are ‘relevant for local communities’.


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