ICDP Opens Registration for the Second Edition of Pacific Connect Blockchain Workshop

The International Centre for Democratic Partnerships (ICDP) has opened the second edition of the Pacific Connect Blockchain Workshop. The workshop will be run virtually on May 12, 2020, and not only exclusively for the Pacific Connect Community members, but also for the general public.

As for the content of the workshop, it will mainly explore the fundamental elements of blockchain technology, its uses in various industries in PNG, and the future potential of it.

Pacific Connect Blockchain Workshop via

The virtual workshop will take about an hour and hosted by Kenneth Katafano, the Founder of Traseable Solutions. The session will also include an interactive Q&A’s and networking opportunities. For those who have a high interest in blockchain technology, this workshop is for you!

For further information about the workshop, please visit, and to register, you can fill out the form here. Make sure you register yourself by Friday, May 8. Please note that the places are limited.

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