Improving Agriculture Through Biotechnology

TechInPacific – The Ministry of Agriculture of Fiji is currently developing a project to develop a new model to strengthen the agricultural food system. The discussion emerged as a response to the impacts of climate change on the agricultural sector.

Agriculture Minister Dr. Mahendra Reddy explains that many commodity development programs are currently underway to try to maintain productivity and sustainability. It also indicates that the Ministry has made significant investments in various livestock sectors to combat climate change, some of them through biotechnology.

One of the investments is in genetic conservation and breeding programs using resilient indigenous breeds and breeding programs. “Animal genetic diversity is essential for food security and rural development. It allows farmers to develop new breeds in response to changing weather conditions,” Reddy says. Another program invested is the introduction of heat-tolerant breeds by embryo transfer.

These plans are not the first biotechnological solutions that the nation had to propose. In recent months, Fiji has implemented several programs related to livestock biotechnology using embryo transfer to strengthen the beef sector.

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