Invest In Me Marks PNG History As First Crowdfunding Platform

TechInPacific – PNG has come up with what will be the first crowdfunding platform to launch in the country, Invest In Me.

The objective behind the platform, according to Co-Founder Christoper Vagalia is to assist both organizations and individuals in the trying times of the pandemic in getting the necessities in all sectors fulfilled through the digital funding mechanism. 

The free platform has followed the steps of its predecessors like Kickstarter and GoFundMe in making funds collecting a non-hassle system designed for Individuals, local communities, and NGOs and startups in mind. The effort of funding for infrastructure, education, medical, sport, agriculture, and more can now turn to a centralized approach via the platform. 

It’s also part of the support on facing possible challenges inside the New Normal phase so that funds can be raised and distributed efficiently to people who are urgently in need of help and assistance.  

“We all have a story to tell, we all face hardship whether you are a Small Business, Designer, NGO, a simple Farmer or someone in dire need of medical assistance,” Vagalia says. 

The underlying mechanism behind crowdfunding is simple. Any organization or individuals wishing to raise awareness for a cause can create personalized campaigns that get the message across and for people to help the cause by donating a certain amount of money to support the campaign. The way the platform designed makes it easy for people to do the action. 

For the nationally-owned company platform, setting up an account and the campaign only takes a few minutes:

  • Create the desired account
  • Create a designated and personalized campaign 
  • Determine the aim of the campaign 
  • Incentivize potential backers with the platform’s award system 
  • Use Progress Bar to monitor the campaign progress
  • Let the campaign heard across the internet with the platform integrated Social Share options to share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and more

The platform is composed of strict guidelines that ensure the quality and the eligibility of the campaigns. 

Behind the scene of the effort is Vagali’s difficulties and his families’ in making the platform comes true. 

But it’s worth it in the end, and he is hopeful that more causes will be told and heard through the campaign. 

“Now is the time to tell your story – now is the season for change. Let your campaign speak for itself.”

More updates on the platform here


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