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Investment is important for creating jobs and making businesses more productive – Kamikamica

Manoa Kamikamica, the acting prime minister and minister for trade, says that the government knows that investment is important for creating jobs, increasing productivity, and improving social and economic well-being. They are committed to ensuring that investment policies and regulations are clear and predictable, and help with long-term growth.

This was brought up and discussed during the first meeting of the Investment Facilitation Committee.

Kamikamica says that the Investment Facilitation Committee will be a high-level platform for dealing with the administrative bottleneck investors face because of rules.

He says that the creation of the Investment Facilitation Committee shows that the government is serious about making Fiji a good place for investments because they know how vital assets are.

He also says investments can be complicated and involve many people in Fiji. Because of this, the Committee’s job will be to ensure that investors have a good time when they invest in Fiji and to make Fiji an attractive place for local and foreign investors.

Kamikamica says investment projects that can lead to positive social and economic outcomes, like creating jobs, keeping the environment healthy, and making new technologies, should get extra attention and help.


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