Kinect Making The Rural Areas Internet-Friendly 

credit: Kinect

TechInPacific – The PNG-based telecom company, Kinect recently installed a 1.2m satellite dish for a funeral held in Irupara Seventh-Day Adventist Church (26/08).

Located 115 km from the East of Port Moresby to Irupara, the installed satellite made live streaming of the event possible.

“We are continuously looking at ways to ensure that Fast, Affordable, and Reliable internet is available to people wherever they are in PNG, and we are committed to improving and delivering the best service for rural PNG,” said the company in their LinkedIn official account.

 They shared that the types of equipment used Genset as a power, with UPS as the backup.

Contact them for more details on their offered service:

Official website

 Email                [email protected]

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