Kiribati’s Wave TV to Offer Digital Television Services from July 2018

From July 2018, Wave TV will be the first digital television station in Kiribati. Click Pacific from Papua New Guinea will help Wave TV to roll out its services in Tarawa Main Island as they target approximately 1,000 homes. Wave TV also plans to spread their services to other communities after completing the main island of Tarawa.

Richard Broadbridge from Click Pacific said that Wave TV will give an opportunity for i-Kiribati to view themselves on TV. Moreover, the station will also connect them to other global communities.

“There‘s people out there with no real, apart from radio, access to much of the free content that exists in our part of the world, especially content that is coming out of Pasifika through TVNZ and out of the Australia Network so at least there is now an opportunity for these people to access these programmes,” said Richard.

Currently, the people of Kiribati use Sky Pacific to access satellite TV. George Kwong Junior from Wave TV expressed his confidence saying that many people will benefit from this venture. Besides, he said that the people from Kiribati will be kept updated with emerging news in the country. Furthermore, the initiative will also enable the people to access knowledge and vital information from TV. According to their plans, TV one will allow for local news and all the above.

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