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Kuk i Net Races For Licensing, And Additional Price Tag of Uncapped Deals

TechInPacific – Local internet service provider Kuk i Net markets uncapped data package that comes with a price.

An additional price tag of $1736 for the hardware needed to be purchased to access the company’s internet service.

The company is attempting to get a license for their products as the authorities are still working on it.

Kuk i Net plans to use Kacific Satellite Services for their broadband connection and is looking for the cable option as well after meeting with Avaroa Cable Ltd.

Chair of the Competition and Regulatory Authority Berhard Hill told said that Framhein had reached out to him about the licensing and that the requirements include setting up satellite reception and transmission equipment at Rarotonga.

“There are heaps of people (who are interested) and that’s just without marketing it,” William Framhein, Chief Executive Officer said.

“Everyone wants to know more details and I don’t want to give them anything until the license is sorted out.”

The company, which offers uncapped ($300-$5502) and capped ($141-) plans give customer 6 months to complete the hardware payment (a one-time payment of US$1134 or NZ$1736) but upfront pays for the bandwidth.

The connectivity will cater to all 15 islands in the Cook Islands for the residents and businesses living there. The company aims to get past the current 60 to 65 Mbps range, where ‘a little bit of finetuning is needed to get to the desired speed’.

Currently, Vodafone is the only telecom company that holds a license in the Cook Islands, but that might change soon as Hill expected Kuk i Net to qualify for one too.

Photo by Galen Crout on Unsplash

Framhein said, “What are we doing is going to be excellent for the outer islands as well.”

“They have been mistreated out there with communications. At the moment they have been sharing very small bandwidth out there so this is going to help them in a big way.”


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