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“Lagatoi Declaration Recognizes Digital Transformation’s Importance”

This week, at the APEC Haus, ICT Ministers and Heads from the Pacific region signed the Lagatoi Declaration, marking their collaborative efforts towards shaping a digital future for the Pacific.

The Declaration booklet, endorsed by 13 Pacific countries and graced by local Motuan dancers, signifies a historic moment as it brings together these nations to pursue a more connected region and fortified partnerships through regional arrangements. Minister for Information and Communication Technology Timothy Masiu, highlighted the significance of this dialogue and its alignment with the 2050 strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent. He expressed his optimism about the progress of the dialogue and the active involvement of all Pacific Island nations in this crucial endeavor.

Minister Masiu emphasized that the Lagatoi Declaration recognizes the diverse stages of digital transformation across the Pacific and applauds the efforts of Pacific countries and territories in driving activities and initiatives in this realm.

The Declaration restates the dedication to the ITU Connect 2030 Agenda, urges the convening of the upcoming ICT Ministerial dialogue, and provides backing for the ongoing work of several regional governing bodies. It also urges IT, APT and other development partners to enhance their involvement and influence within the Pacific region.

The forthcoming Pacific ICT Ministers Dialogue is scheduled in New Caledonia in 2025.



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