The Launch of ANZ’s Mobile App in Pacific Region

A couple of days ago, ANZ launched the first Pacific-wide mobile banking app. The new app will help its clients with Android phones, iPads and iPhones to access and manage their money with flexibility.

During the launch, Tessa Price, ANZ Regional Executive for Pacific noted that most customers are embracing digital banking with fast penetration of internet and smartphones in the region. Tessa was also delighted to say that ANZ has been the first major bank in Pacific to introduce mobile banking app for its customers.

Referring to their customers who will use the new mobile app, Tessa said,“They can manage their money on the go.” Besides, Tessa said that the new app will offer conveniency for their customers to access their money irrespective of their physical location. Moreover, Tessa said that the ANZ is committed to ensure that their customers easily find banking services.

Saud Minam, ANZ Country Head for Fiji also expressed his joy considering that the customers in Fiji look on the bank for innovative solutions. Furthermore, he was delighted to for being part of the first major bank in Pacific region to offer mobile banking app for its customers. Minam also said that the launch of ANZ app acts as a crucial step in replacing cheques and cash with electronic payments.

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Written by Denis Opudo

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