Masiu Finalizes Draft Of Digital Transformation Policy For PNG

TechInPacific – The Minister of Information and Technology Timothy Masiu has completed the draft of Digital Transformation Policy for Papua New Guinea. The policy aims to create a government that puts people first, by serving its customers, empowering its employees, and fostering excellence.

As digital transformation solution has been making impacts to governments around the world, adopting a digital-centric policy to Papua New Guinea is the next step to boost the ICT momentum. It is keeping the country ICT potential harnessed while delivering growth to the socio-economic sector, improved service delivery, and realizing more effective and efficient governance.

“We seek to do this by creating a clear sense of mission, delegate authority and responsibility, develop budget-based outcomes, and measure our success by customer satisfaction. By examining and transforming government we can reduce costs, increase our efficiency, and make the government work better, cost less, and put people first,” Mr. Masiu said.

With this policy, citizens can access high-quality digital government information and services in any device and any national languages. Bureaucracy will be less prominent as citizens can engage in a “cheaper, faster, and more convenient” transactional and routine tasks.

“We are aware that with these improvements, we also need to focus on making sure the other development components such as skills, accountable institutions, and regulations are also taken into account. All these components are embedded in this policy document.”

According to Mr. Masiu, the policy follows the course of the PNG Vision 2050, the Long Term Development Strategy 2010-2030, PNG Strategy for the Development Statistics 2018-2017 among others.

“As a Minister responsible, I anticipate taking to Cabinet in the coming days for final approval. We look forward to the approval of this policy and to the digital transformation bill once it is complete,” Mr. Masiu said.

source: Unsplash (Donald Giannatti)

“I thank my acting secretary Steven Matainaho and his team for this enabling policy framework for the ICT sector.”


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