Maua App Gives Chance For Micro Farmers To Shine

credit: Maua

TechInPacific – Funded by GSM Mobile for development, the Maua app is an e-commerce initiative developed by SkyEye Pacific, an IT & Geospatial company based in the Pacific. 

The initiative comes as a solution for the agriculture sector, catering to the micro and small farmers in the continent. 

The core of Maua is the farmers’ flexibility to use the app without zero knowledge of the technical. They simply receive local and international orders on their account and payments by credit cards on the same day. 

“It is all that matters and should matter. This is how we believe we can bring our micro, small, and medium grassroots vendors into the Digital Economy and ensure that they’re not left behind,” said the company in their official LinkedIn account. 

The app is free to download and use. Get it here

Watch the video for more about the app:

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