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Minister Masiu opens the kwikila secondary school Ict center

Timothy Masiu, the Minister for Information and Communications Technology, opened the E-Library and ICT Learning Centre at Kwikila Secondary School on Thursday, November 10, 2022. This is part of the government’s plan to improve ICT across the country.

In his speech, Mr. Masiu said that Kwikila Secondary School’s E-library will give students access to research materials and teaching materials that would not be available in a physical school library.

Mr Masiu reiterated to the children and the surrounding community that using digital technology for education is now a reality.

ICT is important in today’s world because it affects every part of life and gives people new, better, and faster ways to connect, network, get help, get information, and learn.

He also says that ICT is a tool that needs to be used, and that services like the internet and e-library are only effective when they are used to their full potential.

As a result, the school must make every effort to fully utilize this asset. This facility is donated to the school with the intention of being used by students and staff.

The services can be extended for supervised usage to the local population with the proper training and expertise in the use of ICT.”

Mr. Masiu repeated what Prime Minister James Marape said in Parliament when he was re-elected: “We must make sure that no child is left behind in education. Every child in PNG has the right to go to school. We must teach our kids with the help of digital technology.

The National Information Technology Authority provides financing for the centre. 

Mr Masiu stated that the government has offered such facilities to students and the community through his Ministry and NICTA in order for them to improve themselves.

ICT in education makes students more interested in their work and helps them remember what they’ve learned. When ICT is used in lessons, students are more interested in their work.

This is because technology gives us different ways to teach the same things in a way that is more fun and interesting,” Mr. Masiu said.

Mr. Masiu also said that the project needed to be maintained and kept going. He asked the school to make a budget for the costs of running and maintaining this learning center.

He also asked the local representative and other leaders to back the school and keep the learning center open.

“This learning center is here to help you and give you a chance to connect with the rest of the world.

He also said that the government, through his Ministry, the Department of ICT, and NICTA, has policies and strategic plans in place to give schools, health facilities, district, and provincial administration better access to ICT services, especially in rural areas, and we will work to bring this service to the people of Papua New Guinea.

Kwikila Secondary School should be proud of being one of the first schools in Central Province to have ICT services. We hope that ICT will become a part of the school’s curriculum, which will make the school and the community more productive.

Mr. Masiu started the day by opening the first Digital Transformation Conference. He talked about how ICT is being used to change the country, including in education.

It is a crucial piece of infrastructure for education and other important forms of communication. You should all be proud of it, and I want to stress again how important it is to take care of it for our children and for the future.

At the launch, the Minister for Mining, Hon. Ano Pala, and the Governor of Central Province, Mrs. Rufina Peter, as well as members of the Provincial Assembly and Administration, the Provincial Police Commander, and community leaders, were present.



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