NICTA Introduce Kila Gulo Vui As New CEO

TechInPacific – Stepping as the new CEO of NICTA is Mr. Kila Gulo Vui. Minister for Information and Communications Technology Hon. Timothy Masiu announced the appointment on Wednesday (28/10).

“As a requirement of the National Information and Communication Technology Act 2009, the members of the NICTA Appointments Committee made this majority decision to appoint Mr. Kila Gulo-Vui.”

Mr. Vui has 30 years of experience in the ICT sector on policy and regulation space and has led as the Director For Economics, Consumer & International Affairs. He holds three post-graduate qualifications, such as Master of Business Administration, Masters of Engineering Management, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Telecommunications Policy &Regulations.

Mr. Vui’s roles will include execution of the execution of communications policies and the implementation of the decisions of NICTA and overseeing and daily management of staff internal affairs, along with the acting head staff of NICTA.

“The stringent process provided for by the Act has been exhausted, and we have now entrusted NICTA and the ICT Sector to a mature and well experienced professional. I now join the NICTA Appointments Committee and the ICT sector in welcoming Mr. Kila Gulo-Vui to the NICTA Office of Chief Executive Officer.”

Two new NICTA Board appointments have been made as an addition to a Universal Access Service Board appointment. Mr. Noel Mobiha will lead as Chairman of the NICTA Board, while Ms. Caroline Greenway will act as the Independent Expert Member of the board. Lastly, Mr. Kone Kula, which is joining the Universal Access Service Board team as the Private Sector Representative, replacing Ms. Zinnia Dawidi.

 “I welcome onboard the NICTA Board Members, and the UAS Board Member. I also convey our thanks to Ms. Dawidi for her time and service to the UAS Board.”

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